One Bag, One Tree Planted

OG Sack has partnered up with to help in their effort to plant a billion trees in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil. The Atlantic Forest is considered one of the world’s most endangered tropical forests. Coastal development, urban expansion, agriculture, exotic plantations, ranching and illegal logging have all contributed to the degradation of this once vast landscape.

Recycle-ThreeThe conservancy is working with local partners to bring the Atlantic Forest back from the brink – restoring 1 million acres of land by helping plant 1 billion trees by 2015. The planting of tree seedlings is used to initiate forest restoration in places that have been severely deforested and to enrich less diverse forested areas. Meanwhile, assisted natural regeneration is mostly used to accelerate a degraded forest’s recovery by removing or reducing barriers to forests regeneration. It is an effective, low-cost alternative that is especially useful in large areas. There has never been a forest restoration project of this scale that’s ever been so within the world’s reach.

The billion trees campaign also has the estimated potential to directly generate 11,000 jobs and indirectly create an additional 10,000 jobs throughout Brazil’s Atlantic Forest region. The Atlantic Forest is home to 23 species of primates, 1,000 species of birds, 20,000 species of plants and 60 percent of Brazil’s endangered species. Many of these species are found nowhere else on Earth.

We feel this is a great cause to get behind – – so for every OG Sack (or OG hat) that you purchase, one tree will be planted in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil. We appreciate you taking time to learn about this cause.