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OG Sack Featured on Good Day Colorado

Good Day Colorado recently paid us a visit! Fun day filming with the Fox 31 crew, shout out to Dan Daru!

For those who haven’t seen it, here’s the link:


OG Sack Voted as Colorado Product of the Year by 5280 Magazine

We are honored to be the editors pick for Colorado Product of the Year! Here’s the nice write-up 5280 magazine did about our product:

In our active city, owning an OG Sack is kind of like owning a puppy: You can’t walk more than a few blocks without someone stopping you to ask about it. The bright, versatile carryall ($75 to $85) can be used as a tote, a backpack, or a messenger bag and comes with plenty of easy-to-access pockets for all your stuff. Equally at home in the yoga studio, gym, backcountry, or even an airplane overhead bin, the homegrown OG Sack also comes with a removable liner (read: no residual pine needles from your weekend camping trip). But perhaps the best part is what you don’t see: For every OG Sack purchased, the year-old company works with plantabillion.org to plant a tree in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest.


OG Sack Featured on Colorado’s Best

A few weeks back, Colorado’s Best did a feature on OG Sacks.

Thanks again to everyone at Colorado’s Best, as well as anyone who took the time to watch our segment!

For those who haven’t seen us on Colorado’s Best, here’s the link: