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If you’re looking to add a few tops to your wardrobe for summer, you can pick up a box of high-street clothes for half price right now.

The idea behind Lost Stock boxes is for people to buy up some of the clothes that were left when retailers cancelled $2 billion (£1.6 billion) worth of orders due to coronavirus.

The clothes have already been produced and if they don’t make their way to stores, they could end up in landfill.

But the cancelled orders also mean that the factory workers in Bangladesh who make the clothes are not receiving any money and face starvation.

Over a million workers are already estimated to have lost their jobs due to these unprecedented cancellations.

So for £35, you can pick up a box of high street clothes that would cost you £70 in store.

Each box will support a worker and their family for one week and the Lost Stock team are aiming to help at least 100,000 families. So far, they’ve sold enough boxes to help over 74,000.

You can select from womenswear or menswear and answer a few questions about your style.

Sizes range from XS-XXL for men and size 4-6 to size 20 for women.

At the minute, they are focusing on tops and t-shirts as it’s harder to get the right fit in bottoms (though they are looking at extending it in the future).

Each box will contain at least three tops. They won’t have brand tags as the orders were cancelled but everything was due to be on high street shops this summer.

Boxes will be delivered in six to eight weeks time so it’s a real surprise treat for the future.