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Browsing through eBay, dad-of-three Wayne Mulholland came across the retro Nintendo Game Boy and he had a moment of inspiration.

He decided to create his own giant Game Boy, using his TV as a screen.

He completed the project in a few days and it cost him just £40 to make.

The 38-year-old diamond driller and concrete repairer, from Coventry, told money-saving community ‘I built this using 12mm MDF and an old brush handle, and the stand is made from some of the cuts of wood and a set of hinges I had in my shed.

‘I built the Game Boy to cater for the size of the TV and painted it the colours of the original Game Boy using paint I already had in my shed.

‘I had to buy the purple paint, which are sample pots from B&Q costing around £1.50 each, and the timber to make the frame.

‘To make the buttons, I used a small tin of paint, drew round it and cut them out.’

Two days later, they had the huge Game Boy and the family loves the finished result.

Wayne said: ‘I must say once it was finished with the TV and Xbox inside I was really happy with it.

‘My little boy absolutely loved it and I had to set it up for him in the living room so he could watch films and play on the Xbox.

Wayne has a few tips for anyone who wants to make something similar at home.

He added: ‘For people who would like to have a go at a project like this, I would suggest drawing up your ideas and getting the materials you need from a hardware store.

‘Places like B&Q will cut the wood to size for you, and for the buttons you can use templates!’