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Police opened fire on a journalist and cameraman as they were doing their jobs amid protests in downtown Louisville.

Shocking footage shows the crew calmly walking past a wall of officers before one of them starts firing non-lethal pepper balls. WAVE 3 News reporter Kaitlin Rust can be heard screaming as she and her colleague are hit.

It is not clear why the policeman starting shooting the pepper spray pellets, as the team did not appear to be causing disruption. Riots have erupted in cities across the US following the death of unarmed and handcuffed black man George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer.

Former Minneapolis Police Department officer Derek Chauvin was charged yesterday with third-degree murder after a video emerged of him kneeling on the deceased’s neck for nine minutes. The three other officers who stood-by while it happened have been also been sacked but they are yet to be charged.

Demonstrators in Louisville, Kentucky, are also expressing their anger over the death of local medical technician Breonna Taylor, 26, who was shot dead in March by narcotics detectives who kicked down the door of her home and found no drugs.

As hundreds of demonstrators gathered in the city last night, WAVE 3 News’ vehicle was vandalised during the chaos as police tried to disperse the crowds.

On Thursday seven people were shot and two officers were hospitalised.

A 19-year-old man lost his life last night as shots were fired at a crowd of people during protests in Detroit’s Greektown entertainment district.

Police say they were not involved in the shooting and they are yet to identify a suspect.