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On this date in NBA history: J.R. Smith forgets the score

There comes a point in almost every NBA playoff series when one team knows it’s beat. That team threw its best punch and the other team took it and won

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Artist with anxiety and depression finds solace by painting her chihuahua

Tita is not just a chihuahua. She’s a queen. She’s a pilot. She’s a nurse and an adventurer. Perhaps not in real life, but this is who she is in

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EU trade commissioner Hogan mulling candidacy for WTO chief

European trade commissioner Phil Hogan is considering putting his name forward as a candidate to be the next director-general of the World Trade Organization, his spokesman said on Sunday. The

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Spotify removes 10,000-item library restriction

The concept of a library versus a playlist is admittedly rather foreign to me. I just sort of assumed that if you like a song, you add it to your

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Man and woman arrested after toddler plunged 40ft from bedroom window

Police have arrested a man and woman on suspicion of child neglect after a two-year-old girl fell 40ft from her bedroom window. The toddler was left fighting for life after

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