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Logitech boasts that with its smaller size, the G915 TKL is ideal for transporting to LAN events (the good ole days – do people still do those?) or a friend’s house. Like the original, it supports 16.8 million colors through the Logitech G gaming software with a rated battery life of up to 40 hours (with RGB enabled).
Logitech on Tuesday announced a new version of its award-winning G915 Lightspeed wireless RGB mechanical gaming keyboard scheduled to go on sale next month.

Built on the same core tech as the original, the new G915 TKL adopts the tenkeyless form factor for a more compact footprint. Although a bit of a misnomer, tenkeyless is a term that typically refers to a keyboard design that is void of the numeric keypad on the right (which usually consists of 17 keys, not 10).

Many users prefer this layout, especially if physical real estate is limited. Unless you do a lot of numerical data entry, there really isn’t much of a need for the number pad these days. Most people game using the WASD layout rather than the arrow keys / num pad keys (I fall into the latter category and could never get the hang of the WASD layout).

While we’re at it, why not get rid of some other unused keys like scroll lock and pause?

The mechanical keys on the G915 TKL are half the height of standard mechanical switches and actuate 25 percent faster. Switches are offered in your choice of linear, tactile or clicky variants to match your preferred feel.

Logitech’s new G915 TKL Lightspeed wireless RGB gaming keyboard arrives in June priced at $229.