Grey Hybrid w/ Sport Liner + Cooler Liner

//Grey Hybrid w/ Sport Liner + Cooler Liner
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Grey Hybrid w/ Sport Liner + Cooler Liner

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We set out to create a bag that differs in very positive ways from your standard gym and grocery/around town bag.

  •     Removable, hand washable, three pocket liner.
  •     Removable, three pocket, cooler liner.
  •     Bag is large enough to hold the equivalent of three plastic grocery sacks.
  •     Multi-Strap System gives you the choice to carry your OG Sack Backpack Style, Tote Style or Messenger Style.
  •  Adjustable straps on the front of our bag fit any size yoga mat.
  • For every bag purchased, one tree will be planted.

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Product Description

Each OG Sack is handmade, so we can ensure you get the highest quality product. OG Sacks are made with the same materials used for mountaineering bags.

Removable, hand washable liner makes for easy cleaning. This liner can be changed out with other available liners, such as cooler liners, laptop liners & limited addition designed liners.

Breathable padding in the back of the bag & strap.

Made with a lighter material than the Colorado Series.

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 18 x 15 in


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